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The Goat Life (2024)

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The life of Najeeb Muhammed, an Indian emigrant going missing in Saudi Arabia. Najeeb's dream was to work in the Arabian Gulf states and earn enough money to send back home. But, he achieves his dream only to be propelled by a series of incidents into a slavelike existence herding goats in the middle of the Saudi desert. In the end, Najeeb contrives a hazardous scheme to escape his desert prison.

Jai Shri Ram (2024)

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Sri Ram, an honest police officer, must fight a corrupted politician. He faces many difficulties and decides to take revenge.

Iru Vizhi Oru Paarvai (2024)

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The famous singer, Chandru with no memory of his past, meets a street busker, Kathira, and falls for her music. They agree to work together despite their differences, but soon more mystery is unveiled. Chandsru finds out that Kathira has planned everything, including meeting Chandru and making him fall for her. In a twist of event, Chandru learns that Kathira was a part of his past and has came back to bring him out of the darkness and back into the lime lights.

Pattabhiraman (2024)

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It is the story of a warrior against food adulteration and challenges he faces because of that.

Lanka (2024)

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Ram, a convict, steps out of jail to fall in love with the do-gooder Paavani. Meanwhile, Mandara Devi, who runs a prostitution racket, sets her eyes on Paavani. What happens next?

Marichi (2024)

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As Doctors start getting killed one by one, pouring acid on lip and challenging the police by leaving next location clue where murder happens.Sincere officer Bhairav Naik assigned the case to catch the Pshyco killer, but how many lives will be lost before they catch and why he was killing the doctors is the interesting story.

Krishnamma (2024)

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Three orphans form an unbreakable bond, growing up together on the Krishna River's banks in Vijayawada, India, and become each other's family.

Artist (2024)

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Artist traces the journey of two artists Michael Agnelo (Fahadh Faasil), son of a Goan businessman, and Gayatri (Ann Augustine ), who hails from a conservative Brahmin family. Gayatri shocks her parents by choosing to study Arts in college, then decides to drop out of college and start living with Michael, an eccentric genius with a promising career. Their new life together does not eradicate her isolation, and as Michael wraps further layers of self- centeredness around the cocoon that he has built for himself, Gayatri looks around for ways to keep her passion for him intact. Gayathri is barely out of her teens when she starts working to support her partner even though she does not get even emotional support from him. Her woes increase when Michael loses his eyesight in a road accident. The challenges of the ungrateful Michael who struggles to transform his artistry on the canvas and how the youngsters tackle egoism, selfishness and their artistic demands form the crux of the story.

Indian 2 (2024)

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The story opens with a group of friends posting videos about the corruption and inefficiencies of the Indian public service sector and raising awareness. This introduction connects with a desire of these friends for "Indian Thatha" to come back to India to bring about change while they are feeling helpless. Indian makes a comeback to the story and the movie leads us through his renewed efforts to "weed" out corrupt individuals through his own actions as well as his urges to young people to turn on those they know.

Maharaja (2024)

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A barber seeks vengeance after his home is burglarized, cryptically telling police his "lakshmi" has been taken, leaving them uncertain if it's a person or object. His quest to recover the elusive "lakshmi" unfolds.

Ivan Nirubaraathi (2024)

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A family thriller film directed by Sunil Pottammal, starring Indrans and Neena Kurup in the lead role.

Saindhav (2024)

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The protagonist, with a past, has to cross paths with the underworld if he has to save his daughter from a health crisis and time is running out.

Eagle (2024)

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A journalist uncovers the story of a ruthless assassin when she investigates a government cover up.

Madhayaanai (2024)

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An undercover cop goes into the big bad world , an place taken over by a don, where his safety may be compromised.At the cost of his life, an undercover cop Gana ventures into the big bad world of crime - a place called Ronapura, in search of the ruthless don Bhairathi Ranagallu, who became a don for the sake of providing justice to the villagers.

Election (2024)

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Nadarasan, uninterested in politics, runs for panchayat leader to honor his father. As he delves into the murky world of election politics, he faces violence, rivalry, and betrayals.

Kalki 2898 AD (2024)

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During the Kurukshetra war Ashwatthama is cursed by lord Krishna to attain immortality and witness in humanity during Kalyug.His redemption can occur by protecting mother of Kalki the last reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.Six thousand years later in the futuristic world deserted city of Kasi is ruled by an evil Yaskin.His complex is run by Commander Manas whose team is working on Project K for Yaskin.They capture fertile women and their serum is used to increase life of Yaskin but hardly any female survive beyond 120 days of fertility.Sum 80 (Sumati) suppresses 150 days and is about to meet the same faith as others.But manages to elope with help of few rebels,Ashwatthama realizes that Sumati is the woman he is there to protect and comes to her aid.Yaskin and Manas are desperate to find Sumati but Ashwatthama stands between them.A confusion arises when Bhairav comes to save Sumati where he and Ashwatthama clash mistaken themselves as either to be enemy of Sumati.

Maidaan (2024)

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Syed Abdul Rahim coach of Indian football team is to be sacked after their big defeat in 1952 Olympics but he defends himself citing major reason of defeat was management failure.Rahim eyes the 1956 Olympics and wants to choose the team himself he gets talent from allover the country but media tycoon Mr Roy and management of football committee aren't happy with him as they favor only Bengal players. At 1956 Olympics the team finishes at fourth position which remains an overall record till date but at 1960 Olympics when the team is out in first round and Rahim is sacked by management thou the team received appreciation from French fans in a match against their team.This becomes a testing time for Rahim personally as well as professionally as he is diagnosed with lung cancer and has short time to live but he dreams of coaching the Indian football team again for 1962 Asian Games.

Bhari Taraganam (2024)

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"Bhari Taraganam" is a Telugu film that showcases the importance of acting. The movie narrates four stories that revolve around a father and daughter, husband and wife, a boss and his personnel secretary, and the main male and female leads. Throughout all four stories, the female lead is shown to be naturally helpful and risks everything to help those in need. The female lead takes advantage of her boyfriend's weakness to make their plans more believable.

Hit List (2024)

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Vijay, a typical middle-class guy, finds his life ruined when a masked man kidnaps his family and forces him to become an unwilling assassin, targeting the masked man's rivals in a twisted game of karmic retribution. As Vijay handles this dangerous game, the mystery of the masked man's identity and his motives deepens.

Naa Saami Ranga (2024)

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The lives of two brothers from a humble background in a village get wrecked by evil-minded people from an affluent family. Can the protagonist overcome the complicated scenarios and lead a happy life with his loved ones?

Tillu Square (2024)

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Follow Tillu as his life is upended by a mysterious murder, plunging him into a perilous journey of discovery and danger.

Hanu Man (2024)

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1998 as a child Michael is obsessed with superheroes and can go to any extent to be like them.In present time Hanumanta a fit for nothing guy lives with his sister Anjamma In small village feared by Gajapati and his men.Hanumanth is in love with Meenakshi since childhood but she loves someone who helped her since childhood whose one other then Hanumanth.When Meenakshi rebels against Gajapati he wants to kill her but Hanumanth saves her from Dacoits and gets badly injured landing deep into sea.In the deep sea Hanumanta finds Rudra Mani which heals him and gives extra ordinary powers.He then ends Gajapati's fear in village by defeating him in wrestling match.Around the same time Michael reaches the village with pretext of developing it.But his real intention is to find the reason behind Hanumanta's super powers.

Case 30 (2024)

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CASE 30 tells the story of a murder case which has been assigned to Crime Branch Officer Arjun bharadwaj. How Arjun investigates and unthreads the case is the rest of the story.

RAM: Rapid Action Mission (2024)

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A young rebel who hates the Defense Forces because he lost his father to the war.