"TELUGU MOVIES 2024" Movies

Boomer Uncle (2024)

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Boomer Uncle is a comedy misfire, a barrage of noise and frantic energy that fails to amuse.

Darling (2024)

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Raghav dreams of a honeymoon in Paris with his wife, but his life is turned upside down when his bride elopes on their wedding day. Devastated, he contemplates suicide until he meets Anandhi. After sharing his story, he proposes to her, and she agrees to marry him. However, things take a new turn when Raghav learns about Anandhi’s problem.

The Goat Life (2024)

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The life of Najeeb Muhammed, an Indian emigrant going missing in Saudi Arabia. Najeeb's dream was to work in the Arabian Gulf states and earn enough money to send back home. But, he achieves his dream only to be propelled by a series of incidents into a slavelike existence herding goats in the middle of the Saudi desert. In the end, Najeeb contrives a hazardous scheme to escape his desert prison.

Hot Spot (2024)

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It features three stories that are humorously evocative and a fourth one that's deeply disturbing.

Music Shop Murthy (2024)

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Murthy is very passionate about music. He struggles to generate enough income despite opening a music shop, and his family urges him to close it down. However, Murthy is determined to find a way to increase his earnings and decides to pursue the art of DJing. With the support and guidance of Anjana, he delves into the challenging and exciting process of learning DJing.

Saranga Dariya (2024)

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Krishna's family deals with sons' unemployment, daughter's marriage prospects. A hidden secret emerges, challenging their unity. They navigate this crisis while reflecting societal issues.

Bharateeyudu 2 (2024)

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Senapathy, an ex-freedom fighter turned vigilante who fights against corruption. Senapathy returns to the country to aid a young man who has been exposing corrupt politicians in the country through videos on the internet.

Premalo (2024)

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Ravi and Prasanti , Both of them are in deep love. Due to some unexpected events, the video clip of Ravi raping Prasanti reaches Prasanti's Father. Why did Ravi have to do this? Does Ravi really love prasanti?

Maharaja (2024)

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Maharaja is a salon owner living with his daughter, Jyothi. One fateful day, he reports to the police that three thieves have stolen his Laxmi and attacked him. The police, confused about Laxmi’s identity, refuse to file a case but reluctantly start searching. Who is Laxmi? Why does Maharaja care so much? Will they find her? Is it Maharaja’s main goal to get Laxmi back? All these questions will be answered in the movie.

Harom Hara (2024)

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Thammi Reddy, Basava Reddy, and Sharath create ruckus in the Kuppam area by occupying lands illegally and threatening the public. This is when Subramanyam arrives there to make a living. He joins as a lab assistant at a college where his love interest, Devi, works. One day, Subramanyam gets into a mess, which makes him resign from his job. As he thinks of other earning options, the gun manufacturing business grabs Subramanyam’s attention due to the heavy profits involved in it. He starts the business along with a suspended cop, Palani Swamy. What happens next and how Subramanyam becomes an influential person in Kuppam is what the film is about.

Eagle (2024)

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A journalist uncovers the story of a ruthless assassin when she investigates a government cover up.

Jilebi (2024)

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Story revolves around four college-going friends in a hostel and how their life changes due to a girl. Kamal, a college student who lives in a hostel, gets into a peculiar situation with a girl named GLB aka Jilebi. How he came into contact with Jilebi and the consequences faced by him, how they are connected to his friends Bujji, Bobby, Washington, Jilebi father MLA Rudra Pratap Rana, hostel warden Dhairyam, Paidithalli and auto driver Nani should be found on screen.

Saindhav (2024)

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The protagonist, with a past, has to cross paths with the underworld if he has to save his daughter from a health crisis and time is running out.

Saindhav (2024)

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Set in a fictional city, Chandraprastha, the movie is about Saindhav Koneru, a.k.a SaiKo. He works as a crane operator in the customs department. Saindhav has a daughter named Gayathri, who is taken care of by Manogya, a cab driver. One day, Gayathri faints in school. Upon taking her to the hospital, the doctors reveal that Gayathri is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Gayathri needs to be given an injection worth 17 crores.

Om Bheem Bush (2024)

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Follows three scientists who come to a village to find a treasure, but things don't turn easy for them because there is black magic in that village.

Ajayante Randam Moshanam (2024)

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Set in the Northern Kerala in 1900, 1950 and 1990, Three generations of heroes Maniyan, Kunjikelu and Ajayan, try to protect the most important treasure of the Land.

Plot (2024)

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Rahul (a failed businessman) and Deepu (a drug dealer) go into hiding in Yemmiganur. Deepu is being tracked by Sameer, the brother of the man she killed in Hyderabad. Rahul, while trying to sell his house to leave the country with Deepu, cracks the real estate business and becomes a success. When Sameer comes looking, they kill him and bury him in a land that Rahul is selling. When everything appears to start going in Rahul's way, a stranger threatens him to stop his business. When Rahul begins to probe who the stranger is, he finds out more about himself and his past and their common history.

Wild Wild Punjab (2024)

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Khanne has had a breakup. He's upset, but he has friends like Arore, Jainu and Honey Paaji who encourage him to face this breakup head-on and move on. They embark on a trip across Punjab to help Khanne find the closure he desires.

Election (2024)

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Nadarasan, uninterested in politics, runs for panchayat leader to honor his father. As he delves into the murky world of election politics, he faces violence, rivalry, and betrayals.

Maidaan (2024)

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Syed Abdul Rahim coach of Indian football team is to be sacked after their big defeat in 1952 Olympics but he defends himself citing major reason of defeat was management failure.Rahim eyes the 1956 Olympics and wants to choose the team himself he gets talent from allover the country but media tycoon Mr Roy and management of football committee aren't happy with him as they favor only Bengal players. At 1956 Olympics the team finishes at fourth position which remains an overall record till date but at 1960 Olympics when the team is out in first round and Rahim is sacked by management thou the team received appreciation from French fans in a match against their team.This becomes a testing time for Rahim personally as well as professionally as he is diagnosed with lung cancer and has short time to live but he dreams of coaching the Indian football team again for 1962 Asian Games.

Hit List (2024)

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Vijay, a typical middle-class guy, finds his life ruined when a masked man kidnaps his family and forces him to become an unwilling assassin, targeting the masked man's rivals in a twisted game of karmic retribution. As Vijay handles this dangerous game, the mystery of the masked man's identity and his motives deepens.

14 (2024)

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Just before the election, the sudden death of the son of the chief minister and a girl ignites a media frenzy and public speculation. This clash of egos sparks a covert investigation by retired IAS officers.

Naa Saami Ranga (2024)

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The lives of two brothers from a humble background in a village get wrecked by evil-minded people from an affluent family. Can the protagonist overcome the complicated scenarios and lead a happy life with his loved ones?

Tillu Square (2024)

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Follow Tillu as his life is upended by a mysterious murder, plunging him into a perilous journey of discovery and danger.